Chocolate, Mascarpone and Popping Candy Cake

Chocolate, Mascarpone and Popping Candy Cake


It’s the 31st December. And I’m currently in a habit of stating the obvious, apparently. Let’s not talk about how quickly this year has gone, or that it seems to have been a year full of misery. From politics to personal, 2016 just doesn’t deserve to make the history books. So I won’t talk about it. Instead, let’s talk about this cake. It’s a bit extra I know; I’m clearly trying to make up for the fact that I didn’t provide my loyal readers with various festive bakes. In my defence… I tried. I had a really good idea, it just didn’t go how I planned. So for all those who ask how “everything I bake is so perfect first time” etc etc. It isn’t. Trust me. That one didn’t make the cut. By next Christmas, hopefully I’ll have refined it a little!


This cake is a chocolate cake, helped along the chocolate train with a little kick of espresso powder and sandwiched among pillows of mascarpone and vanilla frosting. There’s not much more to it than that – it’s simple, quick and can be as fussy or fuss-free as you wish to make it. I sprinkled popping candy between each layer, because New Year’s Eve and all that. Totally optional, and won’t affect the final flavour/look of the cake.

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