No-churn biscoff and salted caramel ice cream

No-churn biscoff and salted caramel ice cream



So years and years ago, I watched an episode of Nigella where she made ice cream with condensed milk and it produced the creamiest gelato-like ice cream all without an ice cream machine! It’s been in the back of my mind ever since but recently it’s hit the spotlight, with Buzzfeed Tasty and Tastemade often concocting similar types of ice cream with diverse flavours. It wasn’t until a family friend brought her version of the double cream/condensed milk ice cream round this summer that I finally got round to making it! Today, I’m sharing her recipe for the creamiest and tastiest Biscoff and salted caramel ice cream you could possibly imagine.


The condensed milk does something magical in the freezer. It stops ice crystals forming in the cream and allows the ice cream to achieve a homogenous texture which never gets too hard in the freezer. You can serve this straight out the freezer and it’ll scoop no problem, unlike regular ice cream where you need to leave it out to soften a bit. There is literally no other word to describe the texture other than creamy. If clotted cream came in a frozen version, this would be it. Like, I don’t even know how else to describe it. The biscoff taste is prominent but complemented by the salted caramel. This recipe uses tinned caramel which is essentially condensed milk that has been boiled in the tin – dulce de leche (you can buy tinned caramel at most supermarkets near the condensed milk). It uses a bit of biscoff spread also, and some lotus biscuits. The biscuits that are folded in to the ice cream soften slightly and become a little fudgy, whilst the ones on top retain their biscuit texture a bit more. Basically, you all need to hang on to the last minutes of summer and make this ice cream. You have nothing at all to lose and whole lot of ice cream love to gain.


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