Naked cake with fresh flowers

Naked cake with fresh flowers

DSC01820It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I apologise for that – I, somewhat naively, thought I would have loads of time for both baking and blogging over the summer break but I could not have been more wrong! I have been busy with a capital B over here at BBH, and only part of that has involved baking! Work has taken up a substantial amount of my time along with a constant feeling of exhaustion… I’m really hoping that it will pass and it’s not just how a grown up feels all the time. Can’t be dealing with that. Anyway, this is a lovely cake. It was for my lovely grandma’s 70th birthday party and I was both honoured and humbled to be trusted with such a task.


Two tiers of vanilla cake gave me a blank canvas to work with here, I focused on flavours over everything in this cake because I actually find flavours more fascinating and memorable than appearance of cakes. I received fantastic feedback for both aspects of this cake, but the flavours and the way they all married in the mouth really stood out for everyone. The bottom tier was flavoured with coconut, lemon and pistachio and the top tier with rose, raspberry, lime and pistachio. The cake wasn’t necessarily planned – it all kind of just happened. I like to think of it as an organised mess. You know, like my life.

Okay, jokes aside. If you would like to make this cake, or just use it as inspiration then carry on reading. I’ll try and include some hints and tips I picked up along the way about stacking cakes, freezing cakes and planning ahead.

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