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  1. Just popped over to see you parents and they told me all about your blog! As you may know…I just LOVE cake..so rushed home and found you! WOW! WOW, and WOW! Your sweet creations look divine! You have given me the inspiration to find my apron!…unfortunately I don’t have your ‘gift’ but will endeavour to attempt some of your recipes. Probably start off with something quick’n’easy like brownies!
    Grace is going to follow you and I will also tell Annabel and Amelia!
    Anyway, I am truly impressed!
    Love Rachel x

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    1. Aww Rachel – how lovely! So sorry to have missed you and Grace but I will definitely bring something by next time I’m home! I’m always on the hunt for new recipes and I always love seeing people bake from my blog!
      Lovely to hear from you, take care! x


  2. Hi, I have been to see your Mum and Dad tonight but you weren’t there…so none of your yummy cakes were on offer! will come over in the Easter hols!
    Love Gracexxxxxx😄😃

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  3. I LOVE your blog and recipes!!!!! I just found out about you and will tell all my friends too!! Thx for all the sweet creative ideas!! XXX

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  4. Huma, this is amazing!
    Am so impressed! Would you take on a commission?
    Could you create something wonderful for Ashmeena’s 16th birthday in July for me please?


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